Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Here and there...aka "How ya durrrrrin'?"

Long story behind this, but here's the short version:

About 1/5th of this was created on the West Coast in Oakland at Yoshi's. The rest of it was drawn on a train up to the Bronx (read: East Coast). If you didn't know already, I've made the jump to New York--Williamsburg side of Brooklyn, specifically.

P.S. The girl singing? Her name is Ledisi. I HIGHLY recommend checking her out. Oakland native nonetheless. What a way to remember the Bay on my way out... "Church in the jook joint, y'all"

P.P.S. The guy playing guitar was a combination of Ledisi's guitar player and a guy on the subway reading a paper.

And so the adventure begins..

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Anonymous said...

i love ledisi