Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Chicken Adobo Incident.

In no particular order, this spread addresses:
-"The Chicken Adobo Incident" aka "A Practical Demonstration in Patience and Drive" aka "Not Everything's in Manhattan"
-Laundry day
-Which directionS (plural) the N train goes
-J train Sunday morning vignette
-3 cup capacity rice cookers and solo cups
-Mr. Storey's triangles roundabout inspiration from looking at Anthony Ermio's blog--meditation? word.
-My trip on the Q

Chalk it up to a lesson (or several) learned.

This one was fun.

Ask me later about the whole story...


Nikki Lukas said...

Everyone must here the Chicken adobo incident! Nice group of sketches phil. I think the move to ny was a good call. I see excitement in this sketchbook once again.

maybe i'll move out there soon... haha

Martin Kau said...

PHIL! yo man, love to see these sketches, you mos definitely seem inspired again man, awesome to read and see what's been up out there for you. Hope to see more man. awesome journal. Thanks for sharing.

Martin Kau said...

Oh yeah, love the barron storey triangles ha!

coffman said...

looks to me that someone is enjoying the New York atmosphere. Looking good.

cameron said...

hahhahaha. i can neither confirm nor deny any influencing of said incident or incidents. :D

Anonymous said...

phil! i like the sketch's. what are you up to now?

Dela Longfish said...

East Coast I love this piece, when can I see more.