Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Chicken Adobo Incident.

In no particular order, this spread addresses:
-"The Chicken Adobo Incident" aka "A Practical Demonstration in Patience and Drive" aka "Not Everything's in Manhattan"
-Laundry day
-Which directionS (plural) the N train goes
-J train Sunday morning vignette
-3 cup capacity rice cookers and solo cups
-Mr. Storey's triangles roundabout inspiration from looking at Anthony Ermio's blog--meditation? word.
-My trip on the Q

Chalk it up to a lesson (or several) learned.

This one was fun.

Ask me later about the whole story...
Not necessarily better than yours

So my roommate, Cameron recommended "Relish" a diner in Brooklyn, a few blocks from our place. A diner in every sense of the word: an old stainless steel car with booth seating; something straight out of the 1950's.

I enjoyed my steak sandwich and bottled water (read: tap water in a bottle) in between drawing. The nice staff was playing anything from house to hip hop (ok so not everything was 50's nostalgia) while there was a photoshoot going on behind me.

So I get home and read up on this place and I come to find out that this is where they shot Kelis' "Milkshake" music video (hence this blog's title). That funky lamp up there was even in the video. See it for yourself... Kelis - "Milkshake"

And on an even better note, just after completing this sketch, I found out my niece was born. Happy B-Day Kendall.
Here and there...aka "How ya durrrrrin'?"

Long story behind this, but here's the short version:

About 1/5th of this was created on the West Coast in Oakland at Yoshi's. The rest of it was drawn on a train up to the Bronx (read: East Coast). If you didn't know already, I've made the jump to New York--Williamsburg side of Brooklyn, specifically.

P.S. The girl singing? Her name is Ledisi. I HIGHLY recommend checking her out. Oakland native nonetheless. What a way to remember the Bay on my way out... "Church in the jook joint, y'all"

P.P.S. The guy playing guitar was a combination of Ledisi's guitar player and a guy on the subway reading a paper.

And so the adventure begins..
My Belle

My niece as Pebbles for Halloween 2007 and NY notes from my friend, Courtney--places to eat/see/shop etc.