Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Boogie Down Box

This playset came about from living in New York City and being around its dance culture. Each section represents different places where you might see people dancing: the practice studio, the club scene, the subway, even in front of a bodega.

It even folds into a nice boombox! (I'm looking at YOU, fellow 80's kids!)

Friends featured: Erik Otto, Jimbo, Scott, Ephrat, Hanna, Cam, Tine. Also Ferris Bueller and Mr. T (who I don't know personally) and myself (who I know sorta well).

Also, thanks to everyone who suggested a name for the playset!


Martin Kau said...

YO!!!! DUDE!!! I haven't been to yer site in a while... but the TOYS!!! they are freaken dope concepts and layouts and ya better patent this stuff :) I love em man! shoot I wish I knew someone to direct you too like now to show yer stuff off too. I can totally see these things being made and being a hit!

Anonymous said...

Speaking as an adult (who, unlike his former child self, does not think this about every toy) this is the most awesome toy I have ever seen. I hope you are able to at least get a prototype made.

Nikki Lukas said...

Yup, everyone loves it! good job phil! it kicks butt!

erikotto said...

i am honored to be featured is such an awesome toy!

gNat said...

Yay Phil! Time to apply to FP! ;)