Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Two words: TAX DAY.

Stupid me, I forgot to bring my sketchbook before going to the post office. Because what I thought would be a short, couple minute trip turned into an hour and a half wait. Luckily the lady in front of me lent me her pen and there's umm..."writing material" on hand.

Thank you, kind lady and thanks NYC post office, without you this (insert adjective) visit wouldn't be possible.


Jeff Adams said...

Great to see you blogging again Phil. It looks like your having alot of fun with those toy designs..keep 'em comin'.

Nikki Lukas said...

wow an hour and a half wait, that's crazy! Nice drawing.

gNat said...

And your a sketchist!! If you traced would that make you a tracist!? I don't like tracists! You're compiling a nice porfolio here! Keep up the good work!