Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just a normal (?) NYC Saturday...AKA "Look Ma, I'm drawing!"

From Saturday, March 7th.
Depicted on this sketchbook page:

-On Bedford Ave., two guys snapped my picture for a fashion blog they're starting up
-Evans, the trumpet player, who I drew at the L stop for maybe 6+ trains
-Random girl trying to recruit for her health clinic/business something something

-Apple cider donut from the Market @ Union Square (with cinnamon sugar!)

-People gathered around a Union Square planter, watching 3 squirrels doin the deed (yes, all 3 of them)
-Custom-made cocktails at Flatiron Lounge

-The Bird and the Bee performance @ Carnegie Hall

-Oh, and random floating heads and people I felt like drawing/painting over

P.S. Below are pics from Hector. He was visiting from Spain and snapped the pics of Evans and I without me knowing it. Thanks Hector, glad to meet you!

"...Oh what a day, what a day." --E. Badu

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